Flame Retardant Overalls

Flame Retardant Overalls

Our flame retardant overalls are designed to protect the wearer from open flames. Hi vis flame retardant overalls also aim to keep the wearer visible to further prevent injuries. Flame resistant overalls are popular in many industries where there is a present risk of fire. Here you can find a wide range of overalls that conform to EU standards of safety. All flame retardant overalls sold on this website have been rigorously tested to ensure safety.
  • Araflame Coverall

  • BizFlame Pro Coverall

  • Padded Antistatic Coverall

  • Multi-Norm Coverall

  • Portwest Multi-Norm Coverall

  • Bizflame Services Coverall

  • Wildland Fire Coverall

  • Modaflame Coverall

  • Lightweight AS Coverall

  • Insect Repellent FR Coverall

  • Araflame Hi-Vis Coverall

  • BizWeld Boilersuit