It seems obvious that using a surveyor when you buy a home is incredibly important, but thousands still go through the conveyancing process every year without one.

To help reduce this figure, we’ve distilled the most convincing arguments for commissioning a survey report:

1. A surveyor will go into parts of the property you wouldn’t usually see. Speeding round the property with an agent doesn’t afford you the time to analyse its hidden areas. The roof space, drainage system, cavities and outbuildings could all be harbouring expensive defects that a cursory inspection wouldn’t spot – your surveyor will.

2. A surveyor will view the property with an unbiased, critical eye – RICS qualified surveyors operate under an ethical code of practice. Our surveyors, if not all surveyors, should be independent and uninfluenced by third parties.

3. A surveyor will become your very own professional advisor – you go to an accountant for your accounts and a solicitor for your legal problems, so why not a surveyor for your property purchase? Generally cheaper per hour than either of the above, a surveyor becomes your own consultant and can answer all of your pressing questions.

We asked a surveyor in Manchester to comment:

“A long, heavy report to wade through is useful – but a professional who can explain things clearly, concisely and comprehensively is truly a valuable thing. We always offer joint site visits and meetings to make sure our findings are clear, which we think is really useful.”

You can read about his services here.

4. A surveyor can provide you with a market valuation as part of their service, which takes into account any defects they find. You can negotiate from a credible position as a result, which could save you thousands.

5. A surveyor can provide a value for your insurance cover, to make sure you have adequate coverage if the worst were to happen.

6. A surveyor will help you plan years into the future. A good building surveyor spots not only the obvious current defects, but the symptoms of early-stage defects developing as well. That means you can plan your maintenance requirements far in advance, keeping an eye on potentially troublesome areas.

7. A surveyor can advise you on your future plans. Thinking about an extension? A new conservatory? Or a new room above the garage? Making structural alterations or additions to a building will require the advice of a range of expensive professionals – from structural engineers to architects, valuers to planning consultants. A surveyor combines knowledge from all of these fields, making them the perfect initial consultant. They will put you on the right path, avoiding confusion, expense and delays down the line.

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