The Evolution of Workwear

8/8/2018 10:50 AM

A look into the world of workwear. We dive into the history of workwear and take a look at the evolution. Over the years, we have seen labour practices, policies and work conditions change. Workwear is no stranger to evolution.

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Eye protection comes in a range of types, styles, colours and protective qualities. In this article, we will look at the various types of eye protection alongside some of the laws and regulation that govern it.

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Wearing ear protection can make the difference between being able to hear perfectly and being deaf. Therefore, it’s important to understand them correctly. When compared to other types of PPE, ear protection is one of the easier types to understand, however, it still comes attached with its own confusing symbols.

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We all understand that wearing trousers in the heat of summer is uncomfortable at the best of time. No matter the style, material or thickness, trousers only add to the heat, and when working outside this is only exaggerated.

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Struggling to choose the right work gloves? You are one of many who find all the symbols and numbers too confusing.

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Wearing a safety helmet is becoming the norm for so many workers around the UK. From warehouses to construction sites, the number of those wearing head protection has grown over the years.

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Custom T Shirts

5/16/2018 11:41 AM

Custom t shirts have increased in popularity in recent years. This is mainly due to the accessibility of the internet and also competitive pricing. Personalised or custom t shirts are easy to create and order online. Custom t shirts can have many benefits for an individual as well as a business. t shirt printingRead More
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As you may have already seen safety boots are sold with a range of protective properties designed to protect your feet. These features range from toe protection to heat protection, but do you understand the benefits from each of these? In this article, we will explain what each feature is and how it is designed to protect.

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Health and safety in the UK is constantly evolving. A lot of information you may have heard regarding health and safety is likely to now be outdated, however, there is some health and safety information that is likely to never change. The health and safety tips in this article are designed to help employers protect the workplace environment.

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Dust and pollutants at work

4/9/2018 4:00 PM

With over 18,000 reported work related breathing issues a year, the severity of dust and pollutants in the workplace is increasing rapidly. Air quality is an important factor of the workplace when it comes to health and safety. A reduction in air quality has caused approximately 12,000 deaths a year. The question is, what can be done to reduce this figure?

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