The history of Black Friday in the UK is something that has only recently become a major part of the public's spending but do you where the expression black Friday comes from? In this article we will be exploring the origin of Black Friday as well as discussing why on earth a Workwear company is talking about black Friday?


The origin of Black Friday

Black Friday as we know it now is a commercial day that consists of great deals on all items throughout shops in both the UK and worldwide. But did you know that Black Friday in the UK did not start of as a commercial sales day? Well the origin of the expression actually comes from the British emergency services which gave the term to the day because of the extremely high amount of calls it receives. The day the emergency services call black Friday is the last Friday before Christmas, with the number of calls they receive tripling compared to any other major bank holiday. However the commercial part of the expression was bought over to the UK by Asda and Amazon in 2013 with a huge discount sale that became popular which paved the way for other UK retailers to continue the trend to give out great discounts across their product range. Black Friday for the retail industry is on the last Friday of November because that is traditionally the day everyone gets paid from their workplace, because this will be the last time the majority of people will be paid before Christmas, people usually spend it all on Christmas presents.

However Black Friday originated in America and has been around since 1932, traditionally black Friday in the USA is on the day following thanksgiving a popular US holiday. Black Friday is considered the start of the Christmas shopping season and throughout the country is no considered as a holiday.  However this has only been the busiest shopping day since 2005 where there total spend over the black Friday weekend has crept up to a total of $50 billion that averages out to be $170 per person spent.


So why are we talking about this?

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