Steel toe safety footwear is a classic method of foot protection among workers. When it comes down to impact protection, steel toe caps are a winner. They have been around for many years and are used in many industries.

Composite toe boots are a new form of safety footwear. This type of protection is provided by non metal materials. Most common composite safety footwear use carbon fiber, fiberglass or plastic.

Composite toe protection is good because it is lightweight and comfortable.

Both types of safety footwear have their pro's and con's. Steel toe safety footwear is good because it can withstand a great deal of pressure, slightly more than composite safety footwear can.

Composite safety footwear is good because it is lightweight and comfortable, although it costs more to manufacture.

Steel safety footwear is a traditional method and is tried and tested. Some people argue that composite safety footwear is more practical because it is made from non metals. Steel acts as an conductor so steel footwear is not ideal for people who work around live electricity. This means workers with composite safety footwear can pass metal detectors on site.

A recent myth was disproved regarding steel toe safety footwear. The myth stated that with enough pressure applied, the steel inside the boot would amputate the toes of the wearer. This test was carried out by Mythbusters, who concluded that this was not the case.

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In the past few years, steel and composite safety footwear has improved it's look. New design and manufacturing techniques mean that the safety footwear products now look better than ever. Some people even chose to wear safety footwear outside of a working environment. This has made safety footwear very fashionable, which has increased demand.

New technology and styles are being produced everyday. In comparison to steel toe footwear, composite is still very much new. New regulations and improvements mean that safety footwear is at an all time high. Our stock of safety footwear now include many other perks, such as oil resistance, anti static, anti slip, water resistant and much more.

It is obvious that steel is a lot naturally bulkier and heavier. It also is a conductor of heat so it is not always ideal in hot conditions. This is another reason why some people turn to composite safety footwear instead.

All in all, they both provide excellent protection. Our steel toe and composite safety footwear range are very popular among our customers.

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