Hi vis clothing is an important and fundamental part of health and safety. Hi vis technology has prevented many injuries and deaths. Hi vis is designed to increase the visibility of the wearer and is worn in low visibility or dangerous areas, such as by the roadside. This article was created to answer any frequently asked questions that you may have about hi vis.

Below are common questions surrounding high visibility clothing.

How does hi-vis clothing work?

Hi Vis clothing is designed to be reflective through the use of special materials and bands. The bands are usually in a 2 or 3 strip formation, which helps to increase the level of visibility.

The reflective bands are made of a micro-prismatic design, which helps to bounce the light back to the light source. This design allows for the bands to be reflective from almost all angles, helping to increase the visibility of the wearer.

What is hi vis clothing made from?

Hi vis clothing is usually made up of either a cotton or polyester material and has micro-prismatic reflective bands. Some specialist clothing may also have other protective qualities such as fire retardant properties.

Why is hi vis clothing important?

Hi vis clothing is worn in environments where there is low visibility, moving vehicles or heavy machinery. The core purpose of hi vis clothing is to make the wearer more visible to drivers and operators of vehicles and machinery. An increase of visibility can prevent injury or death as it allows others to see you more easily. Hi vis technology can work in low light environments, given there is enough light to bounce off the material.

hi vis clothing

When should hi vis clothing be replaced?

Hi vis clothing is designed to last a long time over a given amount of washes. The garment would need replacing when the outside material becomes less reflective and/or the reflective bands start to wear. Washing the garment can make the reflective strips less effective, as the reflective bands tend to wear down.

Why does Hi Vis come in orange?

Hi vis clothing is available in a wide range of colours, however the standard hi vis colours are yellow or orange. Hi vis orange is used in the rail industry, as it is required as a part of the GORT safety range. Hi vis yellow is standard and is used in workplaces to increase visibility.

Other colours tend to be used in a variety of ways but there is no official use.