Hi-vis clothing - simple yet almost undisputedly one of the most important part of anyone's PPE. It keeps you illuminated so that you are more visible to all. This gives people more awareness of your presence, which enables them to act faster in the event that they could potentially endanger you or them.

Every construction site with vehicles/plants in operation in the UK has to have a high visibility policy by law. This policy usually forms part of a larger health & safety policy that is written after all risk assessments have been completed. It is an employer’s responsibility to pay for PPE at the workplace, this includes hi vis clothing. Information regarding employers responsibility and PPE can be found here: What PPE are employers required to provide?

Various roles such as traffic management would require workers to wear hi-vis trousers and jackets rather than just a hi vis vest. Due to the quicker moving traffic, drivers need to be able to see the employee from further away. The increased hi-vis clothing helps to ensure maximum visibility.

The EU have set a standard of high visibility clothing, the British standard is BS EN 471 and this has been set collaboratively with the PPE laws in mind. The clothes are measured by the area of conspicuous materials and also their retro reflection performance. Any new hi vis clothing must be marked with CE, which means it is acceptable by EU standards. If your hi vis clothing isn’t marked with CE, you are in violation of the law.

hi vis sign

Cyclists and motorcyclists are often the victims of accidents due to low visibility. Fortunately hi vis is becoming increasingly popular among recent bike users.

Since hi vis clothing has become part of required PPE on construction sites, and suggested clothing for cyclists and motorcyclists - there have been thousands of people that have avoided potentially life-threatening accidents

Hi vis clothing is affordable, light and comes in different shapes and sizes, qualities and thickness. High visibility clothing is a logical choice for safety. If you feel you are not visible and pose a risk to yourself or others, we advise that you wear some form of hi vis clothing. Please be safe, you never know, it may just save your life!

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