it is important that every health and safety incident is logged. This helps to keep record and can help prevent further damage. Below are some common injuries that occur in a workplace.



Overexertion can occur from the following activities - pulling, lifting, pushing, holding, carrying or throwing. Overexertion can be quite common, therefore it is important It is important to refer to the manual handling guides provided by HSE. Never attempt to move any object that is too heavy or awkward. Always ask for help or guidance if you feel an object is too difficult to handle by yourself.



Falls are another common form of injury inside a work place. Falls can be dangerous and can result in serious injuries or, in some cases, death. Falls from a great height pose a higher risk than grounded slips. It is vital that the correct PPE is worn when working at heights. It is also important to ensure workplaces are free from slippery surfaces and obstructions.


Getting hit by an object

Being struck by an object is another highly logged injury, especially in active environments. Laziness a big contributor to this incident occurring. Objects that are not put away correctly pose a health and safety risk to others. Ensure that pathways are cleared from hazardous objects and that the environment does not pose a health and safety risk.


Road injury

Road injury can be caused by a number of factors. Low visibility is one factor that can increase risk of injury on the road. High visibility clothing can help reduce the risk of pedestrian injury. It is important to never operate vehicles or machinery under the influence of mind altering drugs. Only operate machinery or vehicles if it is legal to do so and you have undertaken the correct training.


Getting caught in a machine

Machine accidents can occur for a number of reasons. Many of these accidents are caused by negligence and poor training. A machine operator must only operate machinery if he or she is fit to do so. It is important that machinery is regularly inspected and maintained to ensure it is safe to use. Machine guidelines must be followed and appropriate clothing must be worn. Avoid wearing garments that can be easily caught in machinery. This can result in injury. It is also important than long hair is tied up and away from tangle hazards. Machine injuries can range from lacerations, broken bones, amputation and even death.



RSI, also known as repetitive strain injury, is a condition in which injury is caused by overexertion of muscles. This is something that can occur as a result of repetitive movement and bad posture. The use of a computer in an office environment can lead to RSI. Trackpads on laptops are known to cause RSI, therefore is recommended to use a mouse and mat with appropriate cushion padding. RSI is gradual, however it can be very common and painful.


To prevent injury in the workplace, it is important to conduct a risk assessment of the environment. Identifying potential risks is the first step to minimising them. It is vital to wear PPE wherever possible.

The law in the UK states that PPE must be worn wherever there is a risk present.
For example, you will be required to wear a hard hat, if there is a higher chance of head injury.