We have added a series of new ranges to the Siteking website for September 2016, following high demand we have stocked 70+ new products to help fill the need. These products range from Chefswear to fall protection equipment of which have been hand selected to ensure maximum quality and durability.



We have started to stock a whole new range of Chefswear that includes jackets and trousers that are specifically design for the food industry. For instance some of the trousers have been coated in a special material which allows liquids to simple roll off the fabric rather than absorb it allowing for a stain-free day.

Our Chefswear range is designed for versatility and functionality for all users, all of our jackets are made of either 100% cotton or a blend of cotton and polyester, whilst the trousers are made of similar materials some of them have the Texpel coated as previously mentioned.


Women’s Tunics

The ladies range has been specifically designed to fit comfortably and to look stylish, each tunic is made from a high quality kingsmill which is a blend between 65% Polyester/35% Cotton. All the garments are specially cut to give a flattering fit and will retain their colour and shape even after washing time and time again. These tunics have features such as scissor stow pocket, key fob loop and action backs which help to make the outfit more durable and flexible.


First Aid Kits

There are two types of first aid kits that have been added to the shop, workplace and vehicles kits. Both have similar items such as:

  • Guidance leaflets
  • Sterile dressings
  • Triangle bandages
  • Cleaning wipes
  • Adhesive dressings
  • Disposable gloves
  • Face shield
  • Burn dressings

Each of the kit types come in 3 sizes that are designed for different uses, depending on how many individuals will need to potentially use it.


Spill Kits

The spill range is split into three categories, Chemicals, Maintenance and oil-only, each of them have 5-6 products.

Chemical Spills

A series of products designed to absorb chemical spills from 4 to 80 litres with specialised kits designed to cover 50 litres. The products include rolls, pads and socks, with the kits having all three in an easy to transport carry case, the kits also contain disposable bags and bag ties to dispose of the chemicals correctly.

These products are made of a reinforced construction allowing for retention of harmful substances such as acids and solvents and provide excellent coverage to control the spill level.



Similar to the chemical spills this range contains 2 kits and 3 products with a new addition of an advanced kit that contains a whopping 120 litres of absorbance with an included wheeled industrial bin. The maintenance range is designed to absorb oil and water based liquids, perfect for use in garages and the mechanical industry as well as uses in the other environments.



The oil-only range is perfect in reducing the impact of oil spills, with the unique feature of floating on water this is perfect for when oil spills onto large water bodies and a clean-up is needed fast. The range includes the 120 litre kit similar to the maintenance range as well as the 50 and 20 litre kits.



Safety Mats

Safety mats are very important especially when it comes to protecting those who are standing all day, usually built to protect the user from fatigue these mats will reduce the impact of muscle stress.

We have added 3 new mats to the site which includes 2 PVC sponge mats that increase grip and worker morale, as well as a Nitrile rubber mat that is easy to clean and is suitable for food processing plants.


Fall Protection

Fall protection is designed to protect and prevent falling from heights, and reduce impacts. There are three main categories for harnesses, fall arrest blocks and hardware & lanyards. The harnesses range from 3 points to 1 points that are designed for comfort and durability, whilst our hardware and lanyards come with a range of features such as a double hook and energy absorbers. There is also a range of accessories that include hooks, carabiners and static ropes.


Hand Wipes

We have added a series of 4 wipes to the shop which include 3 hand wipes and 1 surface wipe, some of these wipes are specifically designed to reduce bacteria and prevent contamination. Whilst other wipes are designed to work effectively on wet paint, oil, grease and grime.


Dr Martens and Caterpillars

Due to popular demand we have also started to stock Dr Martens and Caterpillars, searching through the best of their safety range to give you the highest quality and style. There is a range of men’s and women’s boots, shoes and wellies, each of which has been handpicked for their unique features, with some having a metal free design.


Your Suggestions

All of our customer’s suggestions are important and without those suggestions we would not have been able to add these products to our site. If you have any please let us know and we will look into providing them.