One thing we have noticed is that there is a whole bunch of you that are looking for a dedicated area to purchase products that are relevant to your industry this is why we will be making a dedicated area for you to search by your industry to purchase items that are relevant. In this article we will be giving you a bunch of items that are available right now that have been designed to work well with a specific type of job. Industries such as construction, electrical, plumbing, mechanics and much more.

Workwear for construction

Finding reliable Workwear that is both durable and strong is important especially when working in the construction industry, an industry that is hard working and requires heavy duty clothing because of the amount of wear and tear a typical item would go through. Items such as work trousers and gloves quickly wear because the jobs that a usual construction worker would do, with the use of power tools gloves wear down quickly and loose grip requiring you to purchase more within a few uses from the previous pair.

This is why at Site King we only stock the most reliable Workwear and PPE ensuring that they last as long as they possibly can with items regularly being sold to the construction industry and having a 99.9% positive feedback we know that our products will last through your working life.


PPE for Electricians

Electricians usually have specialised items that are designed to be nonconductive and have superior protection. A good example of one of these products would be the knee pad trousers which are designed to protect the knees when kneeling, a common cause of pains within the electrical industry. With numerous trousers available we have a work trouser perfect for the environment, there also other items such as safety boots that are designed to protect the feet from heavy impact.

For electricians we usually recommend a composite toe cap as these have a metal free design which allows for a nonconductive shoe which is important when working with and around electricity.


Work Clothes for Garages

Garages are often a place of slippery surfaces and dirty clothes, this is why it is important to wear the correct PPE to ensure you stay safe and well protected. Safety boots are often a popular choice with garages and having a non-slip oil resistant sole is a key part of these safety footwear products. In addition to the safety footwear available we would also suggest a pair of Site King work trousers, they are strong durable and have a good amount of storage which allows for protection and longevity.


Work trousers for Plumbers

Similar to electricians, plumbers tend to be kneeling for most of the day where they are fixing broken taps and pipes, which causes numerous problems for their knee’s and legs which in turn can negatively effect the back. Having protection for the knees is important and this is why we have dedicated knee pad safety work trousers which are designed to protect the users knees which a soft pad. Amongst these use of these work trousers we also have a large collection of work t-shirts and poloshirt which can be personalised to have the company logo printed or embroidered which allows for a more professional appearance.


So when shopping by industry remember each environment has different hazards which will require you to buy specialised items to protect you against potential injury. Be sure to read all health and safety PPE laws and regulations before purchasing PPE items as they may not be fit for your purpose.