Safety workwear is vital for health and safety within a working environment. Branded workwear is important as it helps promote your brand and identify your workers.

In this guide, we will highlight the top ten misconceptions about workwear and the workwear industry.

misconceptions about workwear

Workwear is expensive

Many people make the assumption that workwear is expensive, however this is simply not the case. Branded or specialist workwear does not need to cost an arm and a leg. At Site King, we promise you are getting the best value for money. We regularly create exclusive promos for our customers and newsletter subscribers. A recent promotion we ran meant that you could get a starter pack uniform for under £25. This included 1x work trousers, 3x work T-shirts and 1x MIG steel toe boots. When it comes to workwear, we believe that high quality products do not need to be expensive. We even provide printing and embroidery on our clothing, to make your workwear truly your own.

You can’t trust online workwear stores

Trust is a major issue when it comes to workwear. There are many companies that sell workwear or PPE, which is not fit for purpose or does not meet EU standards. There are also many online stores that do not use encrypted SSL payments, which can result in your card details being intercepted. This can make people lose faith in the online marketplace as a whole. This is understandable, however rest assure that not every company is the same. A good way to check if a company is legitimate is by looking up reviews to see if that company is honest. At Site King, we only sell products that conform to EU standards. We also use HTTPS SSL encryption and a secure Pay Point payment gateway on our checkout page. This means payments are safe when you checkout with us.

You cannot get workwear delivered next day

A lot of people require workwear and PPE in a rush, often requiring these items next day. Many people believe that they cannot get workwear delivered for the next day. This is a big misconception, as many online workwear stores, including ours, offer a same day dispatch. Express delivery on our website means that you will receive PPE or workwear on the next working day.

Steel toe boots amputate your toes on impact

This myth is commonly spread within the workwear industry. The rumour is that steel will disconnect and slice your toes off on heavy impact. Nasty right?
Fortunately, Mythbusters tested this theory and concluded that these claims were false. They discovered that in the rare event that the impact was too high for the steel toe boots threshold, the steel would crush your toes rather than slice them off.

Workwear price dictates high quality

It is a common misconception that price equates to high quality. Whilst this may remain true for many items, price does not dictate quality on our website for many workwear products. A lot of our products are higher quality at a lower price in comparison with our competitors. Our cargo work trousers are a prime example of this. We sell these trousers for under £20, whilst the quality remains in the £30 - £50 region. There is a reason our work trousers are a best seller.

plain t shirts

Workwear is only suitable for work

“Work” wear is not just suited to work as the title may suggest. Many people wear our clothing for casual and leisure purposes. Plain clothing has become very fashionable in recent years, as it is easily adaptable to feature in many outfits. Plain Polo Shirts are popular on our website as they are a great fit and have many wear uses. It is not uncommon to find people wearing plain clothing in almost all scenarios in life. This makes plain workwear one of the best attire choices you can make.

PPE and safety workwear is optional in a dangerous environment

It is a misconception to think that you should only wear PPE when you feel like it. If your working environment is classed as dangerous or hazardous, it is law to ensure you wear the appropriate PPE. This protects you and others around you and can prevent injury, or even death.

Employees have to buy their own PPE

Current laws state that the employer is responsible for providing adequate PPE and protection from dangerous working environments. This means that employees should not be made to buy their own PPE or safety workwear. If you are an employee, your employer should provide you with any PPE that you require, such as hard hats.

You can’t return online clothing once you have bought it

This is completely incorrect and is a misconception when buying online. If, for whatever reason, you are unhappy with an order, you are entitled to a refund within a 14-day time window. If there is a product fault, we expand this time window to 30 days.

You have to pay VAT on safety boots

This is another common misconception in regards to safety footwear. If you are an employer, you are able to claim the VAT back on any safety footwear you buy for your employees. If you are an employee and buying these boots for work use, you are also exempt from VAT. (Make sure you get in contact with us so we can deduct this from your total bill)