What will I need for freshers week

In the UK, freshers week is finally upon us. This is the week that newcomer students start their studies at university.
For many, it signals a big change in life and is said to be the best time of a students university life.

Freshers can be a nerve wracking experience, as it is a step into the unknown. Many people are anxious to change and that is fully understandable. For a lot of people at freshers, this is the first time they have lived away from their parents. A lot of students make friends for life at university and join societies and sporting events. In this post, we will highlight how our clothing can help you be equipped for the world ahead.

It is important that you are prepared when heading off to university for the very first time. Below are some of our items that are suitable for freshers.

Plain T Shirts
If you are an extroverted person, you may want to party during freshers week. If this is the case, you can expect to be drawn on at icebreaker events. We recommend that you stock up on plain T shirts as these can end up being sentimental items in years to come, if they are drawn on by friends. White tends to be a popular choice of plain t shirts, however other colours may be more suitable to match event or society colours. Not only that, at Site King you can even personalise a t shirt to stand out from the crowd.

University will involve you to cart around books, laptops and other goods. A good quality bag is ideal for university life. Large holdall bags are ideal for activities such as the gym. Not only that, most first year student accommodation will not include a washing machine, which means you may be making regular trips to the launderette. A large reliable bag is an essential for this.

September can be a very unpredictable time for the weather however one thing we can expect is that the temperature will drop. This could also bring upon wetter conditions, which is why it is a good idea to stock up on new jackets to combat the elements. At Site King, we sell a range of items, which includes waterproof jackets.

Cleaning Wipes
As a first year student, a lot of you will be expected to share communal areas. This could include the kitchen or even the bathroom. Hygiene is important and these busy areas can get dirty and fast. Our top tip is that you should invest in cleaning wipes to help keep your hands and surfaces clean to help prevent the spread of germs and bacteria. We sell regular and industrial cleaning wipes , which are ideal for University. A clean environment contributes to a higher rate of production.

Ear Plugs
With tinnitus on the rise, it is no surprise that students are investing in ear protection. If you are a student and enjoy listening to loud music at events, you may want purchase ear plugs to help drown out harmful frequencies. A lot of DJs in the music industry are using ear plugs to help protect their ears from harm. Plug in ear protection is subtle and reduces the risk of irreversible damage to your ears.

Polo Shirts
Polo shirts are excellent student attire and are suitable to be worn as casual use or for more formal occasions such as lectures. Our polo shirts come in an assortment of colours and sizes and are ideal for students. We even provide a custom service for print and embroidery on polo shirts, which is great for sports and society members.

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