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CT Cut D18 Nitrile Impact Glove


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Offering Level D cut resistance, this glove stands out with its multifunctional design. It not only provides excellent protection but also caters to modern needs by being compatible with most mobile touchscreen devices. The Nitrile foam coating ensures an exceptional grip in both wet and dry conditions, addressing a wide range of work scenarios.

Designed with user comfort in mind, the glove is free from glass and steel fibers, reducing the risk of skin irritation. Beyond cut resistance, it also provides low-energy impact protection, making it a versatile choice for various tasks. The glove maintains its cut performance level even after multiple washes, with up to 10 wash cycles guaranteed.

Enhancing usability, the glove features an 18-gauge liner, offering extra dexterity for tasks that require precision and intricate movements. The addition of a new style further adds to the appeal of this protective gear, ensuring that users not only experience top-notch performance but also stay up-to-date with contemporary aesthetics.

Key Features

  • Level D cut resistance
  • Compatibility with most mobile touchscreen devices
  • Excellent grip in wet and dry conditions with Nitrile foam coating
  • Free from glass and steel fibers to minimize skin irritation
  • Low-energy impact protection
  • Retains cut performance level for up to 10 washes
  • Extra dexterity provided by an 18-gauge liner
  • New style



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