Custom t shirts have increased in popularity in recent years. This is mainly due to the accessibility of the internet and also competitive pricing. Personalised or custom t shirts are easy to create and order online. Custom t shirts can have many benefits for an individual as well as a business.

The benefit of custom t shirts

There are many benefits to wearing custom t shirts. If you own a business, a custom t shirt can make you and your employees look more professional. Custom t shirts allow employees to be more identifiable and therefore approachable. Furthermore, a custom t shirt can give an individual a sense of identity. By wearing a personal logo or company logo, you can give you and others wearing the same garment a sense of belonging.

Custom t shirts are inexpensive when you order them from Site King. This means they are more accessible than they have ever been. It no longer has to cost an arm and a leg to walk around in personalised garments. Our website allows you to easily upload your logo and design for print or embroidery.

Print vs Embroidery on Custom T Shirts

During the process of ordering your custom t shirts, you must decide whether you would like your design printed or embroidered. Firstly, it is important you know the difference between the two.

T shirt logo printing is a print process in which a design is printed directly onto the t shirt. This can either be print or pressed. This method does not require any fabric stitching, instead it is printed on top of the garment. Print differs to embroidery in many ways. Printed t shirts tend to be more cost effective and can host more versatile designs. The negative side of print is that they are more likely to lose quality in the wash.

Embroidery differs to print as it requires a design to be stitched into the garment. Embroidery stitches into the garment, which means it will not fade like printed design does. Embroidery is a favoured choice for thicker garments such as sweatshirts. The negative side to embroidery is that you are limited on design. For example, a logo with a lot of colours or a gradient would not be suited to embroidery. This is because of the sheer amount of colours involved.

When should you order custom t shirts

There are many occasions in which you should order custom t shirts. Below we have listed some of the most popular reasons to order custom t shirts.

Stag Dos

Many people order custom t shirts for stag dos. This is because a custom t shirt can make the group feel a sense of belonging and togetherness, which takes us back to our tribal instinct. By wearing the same themed clothing, you assert that together you are a strength. This subconscious signal is projected through clothing and therefore is widely seen during stag do. Custom t shirts also helps others to identify you and your group. Creative custom t shirts for stag dos can be comical as well as memorable, which can make the day even more special.


Uniform is an obvious reason as to why people order custom t shirts. Custom t shirts can feature a company logo. These t shirts can be perfect as a part of a uniform, especially in hotter climates. The benefit of custom t shirts in uniform is that they are comfortable, yet professional looking. Uniform can help customers to identify staff members, as well as give employees a sense of identity. Studies show that uniforms improve happiness, which directly increases productivity of a workforce.


People who are looking to go on holiday as a group will often require custom t shirts. Have you ever been on holiday and seen a group of girls or boys wearing custom t shirts? This is a common site, especially in party locations. Custom t shirts help people to stand out from the crowd, as well as let others know in which group they belong. Not only this, a custom t shirt is a great ice breaker when meeting new people.

Events and promotions

Custom t shirts are ideal for events or promotions. A custom t shirt is great for an event as it can make the event itself appear more professional. Event custom t shirts also help people to identify the organisers. Custom t shirts are also great for promotional purposes, such as giveaways. If you own a brand, a custom t shirt giveaway is a great way to increase brand awareness. The more people who wear your logo, the more exposure you open yourself up to. Event t shirt giveaways are a good form of memorabilia. Custom t shirts can ensure that an event is remembered for years to come.


Custom t shirts can be useful in sport as a way to identify opposing teams. This is especially handy in training drills or for identifying players. Custom t shirts can be suitable for almost any sport.

Ordering Custom T Shirts from Site King

Did you know that you can order custom t shirts directly from us at Site King? Our online tool enables you to place an order by uploading your design or text.

Our tool prompts you to select the location in which you wish your design to be placed. Print locations can vary from the left or right breast, centre chest, back or even arms.

Once you upload your design and select print locations, our system will ask you if you either require print or embroidery. Upon choosing these options, you will then be able to add your chosen product to your cart and therefore checkout.

Please note that all personalised orders at Site King must include a minimum of 4 items. Any personalised items under the 4 item minimum will be refunded and therefore cancelled.

A popular t shirt that is suitable for customisation are our – MIG plain T shirts.
On this page, you will be prompted to add a logo and therefore select your desired options.

Remember, if you have any questions. Feel free to get in contact with us via telephone, email or even our live chat feature.

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