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Healgen® Covid-19 Test Kits Rapid Results (20 Tests)

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The Healgen® Covid-19 Rapid Antigen Test is designed to provide highly accurate detection of Covid-19 within 15 minutes. One of three UK government approved rapid antigen tests, this test is in high demand throughout the country.

Main Features

Please see full guidance and documentation below.

Kit Contains

  • 20 Test cassettes
  • 20 Sterile swabs
  • 20 Extraction tubes and dropper tip
  • 1 Workstation
  • 2 Buffers
  • 1 Package insert

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The Healgen Covid 19 Antigen Test was rolled out by the government as part of mass testing in populations around the UK. And is listed as test 3 on the below government testing list: gov.uk

The test is intended for use by clinical professionals but an application for exceptional use of the rapid test by the public was approved on the 23rd Dec 2020 by the MHRA: gov.uk

Testing Procedure
Within your Healgen® Covid-19 Rapid Antigen Test pack, you will receive full instructions on how to use the test correctly. The instructions provided within the pack are directly from the manufacturer and should be followed exactly to ensure maximum accuracy and safety. Instrcutions listed here are as a guide only, please refer to the written form in the pack.

1) Collection of specimen
Use the nasopharyngeal swab supplied to carefully swap inside the nostril of the patient reaching the surface of posterior nasopharynx. Swab over the surface then rotate the swab several times before withdrawing the swab from the nasal cavity.

2) Preparation of the sample
Insert the test extraction tube into the workplace ensuring it reaches the bottom and stands firm. Add 0.3ml (About 10 drops) of the sample extraction buffer into the extraction tube. Insert the swab into the tube and roll at least 6 times pressing the head against of the bottom and side of the tube. Leave the swab for 1 minute then squeeze the tube serval times with the finger from outside to immerse the swab. Remove the swab and fit the dropper tip to the tube.

3) Using the tester
Remove the device from the sealed pouch and add 4 drops of the test sample from the extraction buffer into the sample window. Wait for coloured band(s) to appear, read the results in 15 minutes but not later than 20 minutes.

4) Understanding the results
A positive result will show two lines, at the control line (C) and at the test line (T).

A negative result will show the control line (C) only.

An invalid result will show no clearly visible lines either on control line (C) or test line (T).

There is also video instructions on how to use the test kits, which can be found here:

Clinical Evaluation
Positive Percent Agreement (PPA): 97.3%
Negative Percent Agreement (NPA): 99.6%
Overall Percent Agreement (OPA): 98.9%
Specimen: Nasopharyngeal (NP) Swab
Time to Results: 15 minutes
Shelf Life: usually 24 months from the date of manufacture.

MHRA exceptional use authorisation
lateral flow test results
Instructional Video
Declaration of Conformity
Instruction Manual

All persons intending to use the Healgen Covid-19 test must rely on their knowledge and judgement in the storage and use of the product. The product is intended for professional use and incorrect use of the product may result in inaccurate results or harm. Trade gateway Ltd T/A Site King does not take responsibility for the incorrect use and expressly disclaims any liability resulting from the use of the product, failure to follow instructions or reliance of test results.

The buyer is responsible for complying with any applicable legislation or regulations governing testing including handling, using and administering. Is it the responsibility of the buyer and/or user to ensure requirements set out by the national or local authorities after testing are also adhered to such as self-isolation.

The items must not be returned to Site King under any circumstances after opening.

What are the Healgen COVID-19 tests and why should I use them?

These tests are most commonly known as the rapid response tests that are used to give quick and easy COVID-19 results. They come in a small and compact set that is easy to store and put away. They have a set of instructions with them so that the test is taken as accurately as possible to avoid a false result. The tests must be taken correctly, so reading the instructions clearly before administering the test is key! If you are going to use them in a workspace having the introduction guide and the explanation video to hand so everyone can see it is very critical. These tests are used to receive quick results, compared to some of the other COVID-19 tests available. What makes these tests so amazing is that the results can be processed in as little as 15 minutes, making them the perfect testing kit for workspaces, educational centres and households. The swabbing process is simple and clearly explained on the website, therefore these can be used by everyone who may need a test. The kit that you receive from us is all you will need as there is no additional equipment needed to carry out the test or receive the results. These tests can be used inside workspaces to make sure that the staff are safe and free from COVID-19. It is important that we keep the numbers of infections down and by using this testing kit it allows people to be extra safe at such an important time, especially in key working areas and enclosed spaces where the infections could spread faster. Another great point on why you should use these tests is that they have proven to work and function to a very high standard, this means a high number of the results that it gives have proven to be one hundred percent accurate. That is why they have now been stamped as approved by the UK Government.

What you receive in the covid-19 testing kit?

When you purchase a set of these tests you will receive 20 separate tests. You can also bulk buy the tests to make sure that your company have enough for every worker, once it has been announced that businesses can begin to work back in normal workspaces such as offices and public buildings. Inside the kit, there are a few different parts that need to be kept safe and stored correctly so that they can be available for everyone that is using one of the 20 tests. The tests come with clear instructions on how to do conduct the test and also how to understand what the results are showing. If you need any further assistance the website shows a step-by-step guide to follow, we also have a very clear and helpful video that does a great explanation of how to use the test, so you get the most accurate result. It is also important you know where to store it and how to dispose of it correctly in case it was too come back as positive. The tests are one of three rapid antigen tests that the UK government has approved so far, due to that reason this test is in high demand throughout the country. If you know you will need a large amount, make sure to order them as soon as you can to avoid not being able to get enough. The tests we are selling are such a great value for money which is why they are accessible to more people than some other tests on the market.

Benefits of buying the coronavirus testing kits

The main benefits of these testing kits are that they allow peace of mind and ensure your employees are kept safe. A lot of businesses have a thermometer at the door to make sure that their staff don’t have a high temperature however, it is now a known fact that people can have COVID-19 and not show most of the common symptoms. This means that people can be inside an office with the virus and not know! The benefit of these tests is they will be able to confirm if people have the illness no matter if they are asymptomatic or not. Another benefit of these kits is that they come in sets of 20, this is perfect for all situations, whether you need them to keep love ones safe or as a manager you need them to uphold a level of social responsibility for all the key workers that have to be in a public building such as a train station or a doctor’s surgeries. The tests can also allow you to test within your own home so you don't need to make your way to a public testing centre as we know this can be complicated for some people.

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