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PU Palm Glove Latex Free (Retail Pack)


11 People watching this product now!
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PU Palm Glove Latex Free are crafted with a 13-gauge polyester and latex-free elastic liner, featuring a polyurethane (PU) Palm coating. This innovative design not only ensures a snug fit but also caters to individuals with latex allergies or sensitive skin, thanks to its latex-free composition. The gloves serve as a comprehensive solution for those seeking both protection and comfort, especially in situations requiring intricate tasks that demand a delicate balance of dexterity and breathability.

Specifically tailored to meet the needs of users with latex sensitivities, the gloves go beyond mere functionality. Their smooth PU coating provides an added layer of protection, enhancing abrasion resistance and making them suitable for tasks with heightened wear and tear. The 13-gauge liner contributes to a perfect fit, offering users a seamless and comfortable experience during prolonged use. Moreover, the breathable seamless liner ensures optimal airflow, addressing the essential requirement of breathability for tasks that demand extended wear.

Additionally, each pair of these gloves is thoughtfully retail packaged, presenting a convenient solution with one pair per pack. This packaging not only enhances accessibility but also maintains the gloves’ integrity until they are ready for use, underscoring the commitment to both quality and user convenience.

Key Features

  • Completely devoid of latex, ensuring a 100% latex-free composition
  • Boasts a smooth polyurethane (PU) coating to bolster resistance against abrasion
  • Features a 13-gauge liner for an impeccable and tailored fit
  • Employs a seamlessly breathable liner for optimal airflow and comfort
  • Excellently suited for intricate tasks, striking a balance between precision and breathability
  • Attains the pinnacle of dexterity at level 5
  • Palm immersion for heightened dexterity and improved ventilation
  • Demonstrates remarkable resistance against both abrasion and tears
  • Certified with an ANSI cut level A1 for enhanced durability and protection



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