Workplace First Aid Kit 25

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Product Attributes

  • Guidance Leaflets (x1)

  • Medium sterile dressing: 2m X 7.5cm, absorbent pad 12cm x 12cm (x4)

  • Large sterile dressing: 2m x 10cm, absorbent pad 18cm x 18cm (x1)

  • Triangular bandage: 90cm x 90cm x 127cm (x2)

  • Safety Pins: Length 2.5cm (x6)

  • Eye pad sterile dressing: looped bandage 1.5cm x 5cm, oval pad 7cm x 5cm (x2)

  • Sterile Adhesive dressings: 7.5cm (x40)

  • Alcohol free mois cleansing wipes: 80cm (x20)

  • Adhesive tape: 5m x 2.5cm (x1)

  • Nitrile Disposable gloves: EN 455 size large (x6)

  • Finger sterile dressing: 30cm x 3.5, absorbent pad 3.5cm (x2)

  • Resuscitation face shield with value* (x1)

  • Foil blanket: 130cm x 210cm (x1)

  • Burn dressing: water-based gel soaked dressing 100cm (x1)

  • Universal Shears (x1)

  • Conforming bandage: 4m x 7.5cm (x1)

A perfect first aid kit for a small low risk workplace such as offices. A basic kit which contains the nessacary first aid materials to compile with health and safety laws within the UK.


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