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PW3 FR HVO Coverall


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The PW3 FR HVO Coverall is a high-quality piece of protective clothing that offers a range of features to ensure maximum comfort and safety for the wearer. One of the key benefits of this coverall is its inherent flame-resistant qualities, which will not diminish with washing. This means that the coverall will continue to provide protection against flames and heat, even after multiple washes.

In addition to its flame-resistant properties, the PW3 FR HVO Coverall also features back vents on the upper and lower back, which provide maximum breathability and help to regulate body temperature. This is particularly important for workers who are required to wear protective clothing for extended periods of time, as it can help to prevent overheating and discomfort.

The coverall also boasts twin-stitched seams for extra durability, as well as heat-applied segmented reflective tape for added visibility. This makes it easier for workers to be seen in low-light conditions, which is essential for safety on construction sites and other hazardous environments.

Another key feature of the PW3 FR HVO Coverall is its innovative stretch panelling in key movement areas, which provides excellent comfort and flexibility. This means that workers can move around freely and comfortably, without feeling restricted by their protective clothing.

The coverall also includes nine pockets for ample storage, as well as adjustable hems to accommodate all leg lengths and top-loading knee pad pockets for quick and easy access. Other features include a rule pocket, reflective piping for increased visibility, a concealed mobile phone pocket, radio loops for easy clipping of a radio, and a new style.

Overall, the PW3 FR HVO Coverall is an excellent choice for workers who require high-quality protective clothing that offers both comfort and safety. With its range of features and durable construction, it is sure to provide reliable protection in even the most challenging work environments.

Key Features

  • PW3 FR HVO Coverall
  • Main Features:
    • The inherent flame-resistant qualities of the coverall will not diminish with washing, ensuring long-lasting protection.
    • Back vents on the upper and lower back provide maximum breathability, keeping the wearer cool and comfortable.
    • Twin-stitched seams provide extra durability, ensuring the coverall can withstand tough working conditions.
    • Heat applied segmented reflective tape enhances visibility, making the wearer more visible in low-light conditions.
    • The 40+ UPF rated fabric blocks 98% of UV rays, providing excellent protection against the sun’s harmful rays.
    • Innovative stretch panelling in key movement areas provides excellent comfort and flexibility, allowing the wearer to move freely and comfortably.
    • The coverall features 9 pockets for ample storage, providing plenty of space for tools and personal items.
    • The adjustable hem accommodates all leg lengths, ensuring a comfortable fit for all wearers.
    • Top-loading knee pad pockets provide quick and easy access to knee pads, ensuring the wearer can protect their knees when needed.
    • A rule pocket provides a convenient place to store a ruler or other measuring tool.
    • Reflective piping enhances visibility, making the wearer more visible in low-light conditions.
    • A concealed mobile phone pocket provides a secure and convenient place to store a phone.
    • Radio loops make it easy to clip a radio to the coverall, ensuring the wearer can stay connected while on the job.
    • The coverall features a new style, ensuring the wearer looks and feels their best while on the job.



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