Regatta Convex Hiking Safety Boot

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These Conex Hiking Safety Boots are an ideal choice for working outdoors, with an energy absorbing cushioned heel to absorb the pressure when walking, alongside other great safety features such as a steel toe cap and midsole. Other features include a slip resistant sole that is both anti-static and oil resistant.

Footwear Information
  • Steel toe cap and protective midsole
  • Rocky PU/Microfiber/breathable mesh upper
  • Fuel oil resistant outsole
  • Rubber/EVA/TPU shock absorbing sole
  • Anti-static sole
  • Fully moulded and removable insole
  • Lightweight comfortable fitting
  • Safety rating EN20345: 2011 S1P SRA

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Regatta Convex Hiking Safety Boot

  • 200 joule safety toe cap
  • Penetration resistant midsole
  • Fuel oil resistant outsole
  • Anti-static sole
  • Energy absorbing cushioned heel
  • Lightweight Rocky PU/ Micro Fibre/ Mesh upper
  • SRA rated slip resistance
  • Weight: 600g (per single shoe based on UK size 10)

Material Composition

Upper composition:
  • Rocky PU: 11%
  • Micro Fibre:11%
  • Mesh upper: 23%
  • Lining-nonwoven fabric:10%
  • Mesh toe lining: 22 %
  • Reinforcement EVA/Nylon:12 %
  • Foam: 9%
  • Chemical Fibre: 2%

  • 55% EVA
  • 40% Rubber
  • 5% TPU

Protective Properties

  • 200 Joule Steel Toecap
  • Anti Slip Footwear
  • Antistatic Properties
  • Energy Absorbing Seat Region
  • Oil Resistant Properties
  • Pierce Resistant Steel Midsole

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