From a young age, we are taught to tie up our shoelaces. This process should become autonomous over time, however this is not always the case. Some people adopt lazy habits, such as tucking in their laces. This lazy habit puts people more prone to risk of falling.

In this article, we will be covering why some workplaces are banning shoelaces.


Why are workplaces banning shoelaces

Workplaces are taking extreme measures to ban shoelaces in an effort to reduce injury in a workplace. Improper tying of shoelaces can be hazardous to health as it increases the risk of trips and falls.

Trip Hazards

Loose shoelaces can be easily tripped over or caught in machinery and therefore pose a risk to health. This can result in bruises, lacerations and in some cases, death.


Entanglement of laces in machinery can pose a hazard to health. Loose laces can become trapped in machinery which can cause injury and result in amputation..

For this reason, some employers don’t want to take the health and safety risk that come with improperly tied laces. This is why some employers choose to ban them all together.

Public Service Announcements

The following video highlights the safety risks of shoelaces and explains how tying shoelaces, in the proper fashion, can reduce risk in a workplace. The final part to this video makes the following statement – “Workplace accidents hurt your family the most”. This powerful statement will make people reconsider their actions, which could be seen as selfish. This PSA was not from the UK.

Legal Battles

A story emerged about a man in Ohio.  In late 2013 he was in the workplace when he tripped on his untied shoelaces. This caused him to fall over and injure his shoulder. He later went on to file for compensation for the accident. This claim was denied due to the cause of the accident. After reviewing the cause, it was determined that the cause of the accident was directly linked to the employees mistake and not the employer. The decision was appealed but later rejected.

To read more about this legal battle please visit:


How to tie shoelaces

The TED talk below highlights the correct way to tie shoelaces.


Footwear without shoelaces

Are you an employer who has banned shoe laces in the workplace? Maybe you are an employee who is not allowed shoe laces on site? At Siteking, we have you covered. We offer a range of lace free boots such as rigger and dealer boots. You can find these in our safety footwear range.

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