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Site King

Our product range elevates the standard of workwear and provides an affordable alterative for workers around the country.

Workwear Simplified

With Site King workwear, dressing your team for the job becomes effortless. Outfit your crew with our top-notch work attire, and our high-quality garments will handle the rest.

Quality Assurance

Quality is at the heart of Site King. We ensure top-tier craftsmanship and materials in every product, guaranteeing that our items consistently meet and exceed industry standards.

Established in 1998, Site King began as a small venture that originated from a shared vision. At the time, the founders started their journey by popular branded workwear. Their initial foray into safety wear quickly gained traction, prompting them to introduce their own line of own brand products.

Drawing from years of experience in the field, they expanded their offerings to include footwear, trousers and other clothing items, which soon became sought-after staples. With each product launch, they enjoyed significant success, prompting the decision to shift their focus towards building their own brand fruther. It was from this decision that the Site King Brand was born.

Today, Site King has evolved into a top choice for safety workwear, footwear, and PPE. Our work trousers, in particular, have gained significant recognition, boasting a range of over 10 distinct styles. These trousers are proudly worn throughout the UK and are backed by thousands of positive reviews. Our unique styles are designed to offer practicality for every job, catering to a wide array of trades.

Quality is at the core of everything we do. We exclusively utilize the highest-grade materials in crafting our products to ensure maximum durability. Additionally, we implement a rigorous approval process for any supplier-based items we stock. This stringent procedure guarantees that every product we offer aligns with the exceptional quality associated with our brand.

At Site King, our commitment extends beyond catering to large corporations. We extend the same generous discounts to small independent trades. Keeping your costs low while maintaining superior quality is a priority for us. This commitment is reflected in our consistently high reviews across our brand, website, and product offerings.