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In this day and age, Personal Protective Equipment is vital inside a workplace with potential health and safety risks. PPE saves lives so it is important you chose the right supplier when buying PPE. PPE, also known as Personal Protective Equipment, should always be worn whenever there is a potential health risk. We ensure that all of our PPE is safe and abides to EU standards. On this website you will find, head protection, eye protection, RPE, gloves, knee pads, ear protection, safety footwear and many other personal protective equipment. If you need any help or advice when buying PPE, feel free to contact us via, phone, email or live chat.

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Personal Protective Equipment – PPE

Personal protective equipment, otherwise known as PPE is used to help prevent injuries and fatalities where there is a risk present. PPE is available in various styles and is used to protect a number of areas on a person. Personal Protective Equipment can have many uses such as protecting the head, knees, lungs, eyes and so on.

Personal protective equipment must be worn in any work environment where there is a potential risk present. For example, a welder would require a welding mask to protect the face and eyes from heat exposure and brightness. In terms of safety, a risk is a risk regardless of its level of danger. If there is a risk present, appropriate PPE must be provided. A hairdresser could fall under lower risk, in comparison to other industries, as their job may require them to wear disposable gloves if they are dealing with potentially harmful chemicals.

It is important that a risk assessment is carried out on all work places. This is to help employees understand their workplace and the risks involved. The risk assessment should determine where there are potential dangers present. This should conclude whether personal protective equipment is appropriate to reduce risk.

Personal protective equipment compatibility is also important. Please ensure that the PPE is suitable for the wearer and does not conflict with any other garment or PPE item. If you are unsure, we advise that you seek an expert opinion. We can provide guidance for products listed on our website only.

Our personal protective equipment conforms to EU standards and regulations. Each PPE product has a different level of protection dependant on requirements. If you require additional information about our products, please feel free to get in contact via telephone, live chat or email.

UK law states that PPE must be provided in a workplace whenever there is a risk present.

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