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Expertline Safety Helmet (Slip Ratchet)


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Comfort and protection are the top priorities when it comes to industrial safety helmets, and the Expertline Safety Helmet (Slip Ratchet) delivers on both fronts. This lightweight helmet is designed to provide optimal comfort to the wearer, while also ensuring maximum protection against potential hazards. The helmet meets safety standard EN 397 -10°C/+50°C, meaning this helmet has been tested and certified to provide adequate protection -10°C to +50°C.

One of the standout features of this helmet is its ventilation holes, which allow for excellent air circulation and help to keep the wearer’s head cool even in hot and humid conditions. As well as this, the 6-point plastic harness with slip ratchet provides a secure fit. This can be easily customised to suit individual wearers. This harness also makes it easy to clean and maintain the helmet, ensuring that it remains in top condition for longer.

The extended rear shell design is another important safety feature of the Expertline Safety Helmet (Slip Ratchet), providing enhanced nape protection to the wearer. This is particularly important in environments where there is a risk of objects falling from above, or where workers may need to bend frequently.

Main Features

  • Vented Helmet Shell
  • 6-Point Plastic Suspension Harness
  • Rain Gutter Along Helmet
  • CE Certified
  • Extended Rear Shell
  • Size Adjustable Headband Via Slip Ratchet System
  • Universal Side Slots (30mm)
  • Materials; HDPE, LDPE

Safety Standards

  • EN 397 -10°C/+50°C



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