The UK government have announced that the general public must wear face coverings when using public transport. They also stated that members of the public could face fines if they do not comply with these measures.

This comes following the outbreak of COVID-19 across the United Kingdom. Members of the public are urged to stop the spread and have experienced restrictions on their lives. This message from the government stresses the importance of wearing face coverings. The purpose of this article is to inform the general public as well as provide clarity. In this article, we will breakdown the types of masks and the differences between each mask.

The government have stated that face coverings must be worn, however, our article highlights which masks offer the best protection.

What face mask should you wear?

The government have said that face coverings need to be worn. Officials stated that you are allowed to make your own face coverings, however, these will not provide protection like the face masks available on our website.

There are many different specifications for face masks and basic coverings will only provide limited protection

What are KN95 Face Masks?

KN95 is the Chinese specification of the mask and stops 95% of particles (0.3 microns). This type of mask will provide protection from the coronavirus and helps to stop substances such as chemicals, dust and airborne diseases. They are commonly worn in the UK to help stop the spread of coronavirus and will also prevent a fine on public transport.

What are FFP2 Face Masks?

FFP2 are CE certified and used by the EU. They are recognised in the UK to help prevent the spread of coronavirus. These public transport face masks also stop 95% of particles (0.3 microns). This mask is ideal for public transport.

What are N95 Face Masks?

N95 is the American specification of the mask and offers the same protection as the FFP2. N95 face masks are widely popular across the globe and also stop 95% of particles (0.3 microns).

What is the difference between FFP2, KN95 and N95 masks

The levels of protection that these masks provide is near on identical. The biggest difference is the name. They all stop 95% of particles (0.3 microns) and are suggested to protect against airborne diseases as well as dust and chemicals

Where to buy public transport face masks?

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