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Medical Face Shields

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The Site King® Medical Face Shields are an ideal choice for those looking for added protection. They are designed to help reduce liquid spray by creating a solid protective barrier between the wearer and the public. A popular choice for retail workers who use shields due to their less restrictive design and transparency.

The current government guidelines recommend everyone in the UK wear a face covering when in contact with others and in public places. Wearing a face shield can help to provide some protection and are often worn by those who have disabilities that may restrict them from wearing a face mask.

Site King® Medical Face Shields are designed from a 0.35mm High Standard PET plastic. This material has been specifically chosen for its superior quality and hardwearing nature. The face shield has been built to last regular use and repeated cleaning without smearing or damaging. Another great feature of wearing a visor is the waterproof and dust resistant nature of the PET plastic. The use of a solid layer helps to protect the wearer’s face from the elements.

The shield is also coated in an Anti-Fog & Anti-Static film. The film has been tried and tested to ensure maximum visibility for the wearer, an important factor that is deemed vital for ease of use. The anti-fog coating is designed to deflect warm breath from the wearer away from the shield and is ideal for all colder weather conditions.

To secure the face shield in place, there is an elasticated band which is designed to go around the head above the ears. This allows for a tight yet non restrictive fit and doesn’t interfere with glasses wearers as it is positioned above the glasses arms. The elasticated band helps to provide a stable fit for all wearers and multiple head sizes.

Each Site King® Face Shield is individually wrapped and comes with a protective layer on both the inside and outside. These protective layers have been added to reduce damage and scratches to the plastic visor during transit. These layers are intended to be removed upon receipt of the item. The shield may appear hazy before removing these layers, which can cause issues with visibility.

The plastic face shield is designed to be reusable and can be wiped clean after use. Most common surface wipes or sprays can be used to disinfect the shield. It is recommended to use a cleaning agent which is suitable to remove harmful bacteria, viruses and particulate.

For maximum visibility, it is important that the shield is regularly cleaned and all marks/droplets are wiped away.

The main goal of the Site King® Face Shields is to help provide protection for front-line staff in the UK. With workers such as Nurses, Dentists, Retails Staff and many more using this as their main form of protection, it’s no wonder that these shields are so popular.

For non-corrosive liquid splash protection. Do not use protection against welding, open flames, sparks or molten metal.
This shield is not impact resistant. Remove protective film from both sides before use.

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Colours: Blue, Pink, Black, White, Red, Green, Grey, Purple, & Sky Blue

In the current circumstances, it’s crucial that we keep ourselves protected. Wearing the appropriate protection is more important than ever if you are likely to come into contact with people throughout the day, and vital if you are a key worker.

Made to a superior quality when compared to other Face Shields sold online.

This face shield is designed to give you an anti-fog cover that helps to reduce direct impact from airborne liquids, whilst the foam headband aids comfort for extended use.

Main Features

  • Individually Wrapped
  • Anti-fog and anti-static 0.35mm High Standard PET face shield
  • Latex and fiberglass free
  • Foam Headband relieves pressure
  • Lightweight for all day wear
  • Optically clear all round vision
  • Full face design
  • Helps to protects from spray caused by coughing and sneezing.
  • Wipe clean surface
  • CE marked
  • Width: 330mm, Height: 220mm, Thickness: 0.35mm

(Orders placed over the weekend will be processed on Monday. Next day delivery refers to next working day.)


37 reviews for Medical Face Shields

  1. Jason Palmer

    I’ve just ordered 2 packs of 5. They have already sent me the tracking information. They are expected here tomorrow. Great Service.

  2. Alison Frakes

    I was suggested these from a friend in the care home, they bought them last week. Got them the next day.

  3. Nick

    We had a problem with our delivery but they resent the items the very next day. Very good service.

  4. Alex

    I got some for me and my colleagues, very good product. Would recommend A++

  5. Peter Froud

    Needed one of these for work, clear vision, comfortable, can’t complain.

  6. Mrs. Williams

    I spoke to the live chat before purchasing and they answered all my questions.

  7. Lynn Matthews

    I was dreading having to wear one of these all day but it’s actually a lot more comfortable than I was expecting.

  8. K

    I got some yesterday. Very happy with them.

  9. Lilly

    Bought a 2 pack for next day delivery. Arrived at 9am.

  10. Isabella Owens

    I bought these for my hair salon. Perfect for me and the team.

  11. N. Hussain

    We found it difficult to source reliable face shields at work. I managed to get these the next day.

  12. Supergran

    Good price, excellent quality. They were ordered online mid afternoon and they were delivered the next morning at 7-55a.m. Can’t fault them.

  13. Jeffrey Stone

    I bought these for myself and the wife for the shops. good quality.

  14. Nails by Nicole

    Very happy with what I have received.

  15. J & J Richards

    I can’t wear masks because of my copd but I got these instead. Me and my husband both use them. Good alternative.

  16. Ashley

    I got these are a replacement for the face masks due to breathing problems. Glad I got the face shield.

  17. Lorraine

    The elastic stretches perfectly. A great fit.

  18. Anne

    Just what I needed. Very fast delivery.

  19. Primary School Teacher

    I sent these over to our head and we now all have them. Much better than alternatives.

  20. Kassie

    I got these for me and the girls. Good quality.

  21. Tanya

    I can’t wear a mask due to poor breathing. I wear a face shield instead. This was a good choice.

  22. Becky

    Better than the ones on amazon

  23. Ed

    I purchased these face shields for the wife and I. This was due to the recent guidelines, I needed something we would still allow us to breath. This face shield was a better choice than just a normal mask.

  24. Tilly

    Great product, Great Price.

  25. Jorgie

    Good but had a scratch during shipping.

  26. Serena

    The shield was barely visible, I contacted the live chat who informed me about the protective film. I removed this and it was crystal clear. I didn’t see the one on the front :/

  27. Josie

    I was recommended these by a friend. What a great purchase, just clean it after every use.

  28. Tim

    I chose these upon speaking with the live chat. Very helpful customer service advised these were the best one on the site. Great choice.

  29. Richard

    Good for the price but just a standard face shield.

  30. Wendy

    Better than the ones on amazon. It came next day as well.

  31. Pete

    Very happy.

  32. Janice

    Can’t wear masks so this is good.

  33. Tanya

    Got a few more for the family. Very comfortable.

  34. Nick

    I purchased this for the wife. Very good.

  35. Pat

    I am happy with the quality and price of these.

  36. Bill

    These shields are crystal clear. You wouldn’t know you were wearing it after 10 minutes.

  37. Sally

    I’m except from wearing masks because of health conditions, I’ve got these as they are far better than others, happy with them.

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