Why Site King Trousers Are Great for the Security Industry

When it comes to working in the security industry, it’s imperative that you can carry out your role with precision. While you might have all the training and skills, ensuring you are ready to perform is key and that’s where the right clothing can really make a difference. Therefore, the 002 cargo trousers are certain to make a difference but why?

They are Lightweight

Having the ability to move freely and easily is vital when working in the security industry. Therefore, heavy and cumbersome clothing can make it difficult for you to do your job properly. Trousers are one of the most important items of clothing as you need to be able to move quickly when needed and that’s why these cargo trousers are the ideal choice. They are designed using lightweight materials which makes them extremely easy to move in.

They are Comfortable

Cargo trousers can sometimes be uncomfortable to wear but that is not the case with the 002 cargo trousers. This is because they are made using lightweight materials and a design that means that they are not restrictive. Therefore, while wearing them, you will be able to feel comfortable and confident that they will not stop you from carrying out your job with ease.

They Come in a Range of Sizes

One thing that is vital is being able to find the right size clothing. Everyone is different but sometimes, finding clothing that fits can be a real challenge, especially for those working in the security industry. Fortunately, the 002 cargo trousers can be purchased in a waist size of up to 56 inches while they can also be found with a leg length of 36 inches, ensuring everyone, regardless of their size can find something that fits them perfectly.

Lots of Pockets

Working in security can mean that you have to carry a number of items on you personally such as a torch, a pen, notepad and any other items that are required as part of the role. Therefore, having the ability to carry all of these items is what makes the 002 cargo trousers so unique. They come with eight pockets which includes two side pockets, back pockets and thigh pockets. The back and thigh pockets both have velcro flaps that help to keep items safe and secure.

Easy to Wash

Taking care of security clothing is also important and keeping trousers clean and smart ensures that security staff give off the correct image. These cargo trousers can be washed at 85 degrees which means that they can be washed at a high temperature to ensure that they are cleaned thoroughly.

Hard Wearing

Of course, working in security also requires clothing to be durable and hard wearing and that’s what the 002 cargo trousers offer. They are made using a blend of polyester and cotton which help to give them the durability that you expect. This ensures that they are always fit for purpose and will last.

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