Over the last 12 months, the use of face masks has become an everyday essential for many people, and it is very much now the new normal. There have been lots of different types of face masks produced by many different companies, all of which have attempted to make a comfortable yet secure and protective mask. Some of the leading face masks manufacturers have created masks that have been proven to not be as substantial as others and don’t meet standards and requirements set by professional organisations. It is extremely vital that face masks work to the highest standard possible with the most important thing being that everyone the requires a mask has access so that it can help keep them safe. Masks and face covering are great protectors for every virus and in the future, face masks should be worn whenever you are feeling unwell to prevent other people from catching your illness. All illnesses that are passed through the air can be prevented by wearing a KN95 mask, not just the current virus impacting our lives. If people continue to wear face masks when they feel unwell then pandemics such as COVID-19 can be prevented from occurring again and spreading as rapidly. It will also create a healthier and safer environment for everyone.

What are KN95 Face Masks?

KN95 Face Masks are made with 4 layers of synthetic fabric, normally polypropylene plastic polymer. These masks are ones which can resist small particles such as virus bacteria. They are made with a flexible metal strip to help close the gap between the mask and your nose. The metal strip is such an important aspect of the mask as it is vital to help ensure full protection. This works by the seal being closed as tight as possible to the face to stop the air from passing through the top of the mask. They have been created by many different companies who are all sticking to the same guidelines. If you are interested to know who made your specific mask the manufacturer’s name is often printed on to the mask. Each of the masks will reach a quality that is suitable to wear out and about for overall protection. They protect against any virus however due to the way they are made they need to be replaced frequently to keep them at a safe standard to continue keeping everyone safe. As soon as they get worn more than 2 or 3 times they need to be replaced, they also cannot be washed in the same way as some of the fabric and washing machine suitable masks. Another key point about the KN95 face masks is that they shouldn’t be worn for extremely long durations after around an hour of wearing the mask continuously it should be replaced. By doing this the masks are more likely to protect the wearer and furthermore the people around them.

How can KN95 Face Masks help?

The KN95 face masks have been scientifically proven to be able to stop 95% of particles, at as little as 0.3 Micron. Despite the fact coronavirus is sized at around 0.1 Micron, it is attached to a larger object such as the particles of liquid created in everyday activities such as saliva. This is how the masks are able to protect people against many different types of viruses. The KN95 face masks are much thicker than the blue medical masks as they have a lot more layers, they also have a double strap that goes around the ears to keep it tight to face. Some masks are made from thick materials which can make it hard for the wearer to breath properly. This is because they are made to be cheap, masks like this are not suitable for people who struggle to breathe let alone healthy people who need protection from a face covering. However, the KN95 face masks are made with a breathable fabric while remaining safe. These masks are designed to protect the wearer and also protect the people around them. The most important thing to remember in the current situation is everyone needs the correct protection for themselves and some masks such as the cheaper alternatives do not provide the level of protection necessary to keep the wearer of the mask and those around them safe.

Who can use the KN96 Face Masks?

Everyone can wear a KN95 face mask as they are suitable for both adults and children. The kids-size range is made as a one-size fits all. The size of the masks should fit children of all ages between 3-14, however they are also suitable for adults with smaller sized faces. The children’s style is slightly different from the adult design however it is still protective and comfortable. The children’s KN96 face masks are made with 3 layers instead of 4 and they also have a soft cotton inner layer to add to the comfort. The nose piece on the children’s style can be tightened to ensure that no particles can get through. The metal nose piece still remains safe and gentle on the skin making it great for everyone as it will not hurt or rub on the bridge of the nose. The kids-size masks are just as widely disposable as the adult masks making them better for the environment. Due to the fact that they can be safely disposed of these masks are a lot better than many others that are for sale at the moment. These masks are hugely beneficial for the people who need to be extra careful, for example, those with medical conditions such as asthma. This is due to the fantastic quality and design. Although the masks are great for more extreme cases and helpful for the people with ongoing medical conditions, they are also critical for the people who know just how important it is to stay safe and act upon the medical advice and therefore all the proven facts of the current virus.

Face masks have become a necessity in the last year all over the world. They are a piece of personal protective equipment that helps to keep us safe. Even after the current pandemic is over having a selection of KN95 face masks is the best thing for everyone’s health. This is due to the fact that the masks are such great value considering how protective and comfortable they are. They are widely available, and most people have been directed towards purchasing this type of mask. The KN95 is one of the biggest selling masks around the world. Each country has a different code for the style of mask that these are. Before purchasing a cheaper or thinner option at a local shop it is worth thinking whether they will be able to keep you safe. It is important to remember that the reason these masks work so well at keeping people protected it is because they are thicker, and therefore they are slightly more expensive. The cheaper options are not always good at protecting against bacteria. Even though many people will be wearing these types of masks it is much better to be safe from any airborne illnesses by wearing a KN95 face mask.

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