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WX3 FR Softshell


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Protection and Functionality with the WX3 FR Softshell Jacket

The WX3 Softshell Jacket is a highly protective piece of clothing that is designed to provide unparalleled protection against various hazards. The jacket is made from a 3-layer softshell fabric that incorporates modacrylic and carbon fibre elements. These materials provide flame, chemical, and anti-static protection, making the jacket ideal for use in hazardous environments. Additionally, the jacket is windproof, water-resistant, and breathable, ensuring that the wearer is comfortable and protected at all times.

The innovative design of the WX3 Softshell Jacket includes several features that enhance its functionality. The jacket is made with metal-free components, making it non-magnetic and nickel and ferrous free. This feature is particularly useful for individuals who work in environments where metal objects can pose a hazard. The jacket also has back ventilation, which allows for breathability and comfort, even during strenuous activities.

The WX3 Softshell Jacket is designed with the wearer’s convenience in mind. The jacket has multiple utility pockets that provide ample storage for tools and other items. The pockets are strategically placed to ensure that the wearer can access them easily. The jacket also has heat-applied segmented reflective tape, which enhances visibility in low-light conditions. The contrast colouring of the jacket adds a touch of style to the overall design.

The WX3 Softshell Jacket is also designed for a secure and comfortable fit. The jacket has hook and loop cuffs that ensure a secure fit, and a dropped back hem that provides better coverage. The jacket is CE-CAT III rated, which means that it meets the highest safety standards. The fabric of the jacket is also rated 40+ UPF, which blocks 98% of UV rays, making it ideal for outdoor use.

In conclusion, the WX3 Softshell Jacket is a durable, breathable, windproof, and water-resistant jacket that provides unparalleled protection against various hazards. The jacket’s innovative design features, multiple utility pockets, and secure fit make it an ideal choice for individuals who work in hazardous environments.

Key Features

  • The WX3 Softshell Jacket is made from a highly protective 3 layer softshell fabric that includes modacrylic and carbon fibre elements.
  • This softshell provides flame, chemical and anti-static protection, as well as being windproof, water-resistant and breathable.
  • The jacket features metal-free components, back ventilation, adjustable cuffs, embroidered FR logos, and multiple pockets for ample storage.
  • Inherent flame-resistant qualities will not diminish with washing.
  • The jacket protects against radiant and convective heat.
  • Multiple utility pockets provide ample storage.
  • The jacket is non-magnetic, nickel and ferrous free.
  • Heat applied segmented reflective tape is included for added visibility.
  • Contrast colouring is added for style.
  • Hook and loop cuffs ensure a secure fit.
  • The dropped back hem provides better coverage.
  • The back vent allows for breathability and comfort.
  • The jacket is CE-CAT III rated.
  • The fabric is 40+ UPF rated, blocking 98% of UV rays.
  • The fabric is durable, breathable, windproof and water-resistant.
  • The jacket is wind-resistant, protecting against wind chill.
  • There are 8 pockets for ample storage.



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