Flame Retardant

Flame Retardant

Explore our flame retardant clothing, available in many variations and sizes. Our flame retardant clothing is designed to protect the wearer from heat and burn damage. All of our flame resistant/retardant products have been rigorously tested to meet strict standards of safety. All of our safety products conform to EU standards and are designed to prevent injury and potential fatalities. Discover our full range of flame retardant overalls, trousers, jackets, sweatshirts, polo shirts, leggings and T-shirts available on our website. People who viewed this category were also likely to view our steel toe footwear.
  • Bizflame Rain Multi Protection Bomber Jacket

  • Flame Resistant Anti-Static Neck Tube

  • Flame Resistant Anti-Static Balaclava

  • Flame Resistant Anti-Static Long Sleeve Sweatshirt

  • Flame Resistant Anti-Static Long Sleeve Polo Shirt

  • Bizflame Henley Crew

  • Bizflame Crew Neck Flame Resistant T-shirt

  • AM24 (45CM) Proximity / Approach Gloves

  • AM23 (35cm) Proximity / Approach Gloves

  • Approach Gaiters

  • Bizflame Plus Bib and Brace

  • Bizflame Pro Bib and Brace