Caterpillar Safety Boots

Caterpillar Safety Boots

Our Caterpillar Safety Boots provide outstanding comfort and protection. CAT boots are ideal for work and are a favourite among many workers. In this category, you will find Caterpillar Safety Boots with protective properties such as steel toe protection and heat resistance. Explore our full range of Caterpillar Safety Boots.
  • Cat Parker Dark Beige Safety Boot

  • Cat Structure MID Brown Safety Boot

  • Caterpillar SB Honey Tracker Goodyear Welted Safety Boot

  • Caterpillar SB Black Tracker Goodyear Welted Safety Boot

  • Caterpillar Moor Black/Silver Lightweight Steel Toe Trainer

  • Caterpillar Brode S1P Steel Toe Trainer

  • Caterpillar Spiro S3 Steel Toe Boot

  • Caterpillar Kitson Ladies Honey Steel Toe Boot

  • Caterpillar Holton Leather Goodyear Welted Steel Toe Boot

  • Caterpillar Gravel ST S3 Steel Toe Boot

  • Cat Pelton Dark Beige Dealer Safety Boot