Hard Hats

An incredibly important piece of protective equipment - the hard hat, it has proven to be a life saving device in countless environments and accidents and is a must have. At Site King we understand after effectiveness comes comfort. We ensure our hard hats are just comfortable as they are safe. Our hard hats are highly visible and tested extensively for durability. Our safety hard hats are adjustable so they will fit perfectly for anyone. We offer an extra safe option, the endurance plus safety helmet as well as a visor helmet for those who need to block the dirt from falling into their line of vision. All hard hats are available in a range of colours. Please note we also sell a head protection safety cap for those who are not necessarily required to wear hard hats but would like a bit of extra protection just to be on the safe side. Remember, as an employer, you are required to protect your employees from health and safety risks. This includes providing adequate head protection.