Eye Protection

Eye Protection

At Site King, we believe that eye protection is important. We stock a wide range of safety spectacles, safety goggles, safety visors and more. With so much choice of eye protection, you are bound to find the product to suit your requirements. Our eye protection products abide to EU standards and are fairly priced. Discover our range of ventilated and non ventilated eye protection products. We stock anti scratch spectacles, goggles and visors. Some of our products in this category also include anti fog ppe, eye protection.
When it comes down to eye protection, we have you covered. The products in this category protect the eye from harmful splashes, chemicals and dust. It is important that you wear safety goggles, spectacles or visors whenever there is a risk to your eyes.
As an employer, you are required by law to provide protection from health and safety risks. Remember, order today be entitled to FREE delivery.
  • Face Shield Plus

  • Ultra Vista Shield

  • Ultra Vista Goggle Unvented

  • Visitor Safety Spectacle

  • Hi-Vision Spectacle

  • Bold Pro Spectacle

  • Pan View Spectacle

  • Lucent Spectacle

  • Gas Welding Goggle

  • Welding Safety Goggles

  • Browguard with Clear Visor

  • Replacement Clear Visor