Chef wear

Chef Wear

Discover our wide range of chef wear, such as chef jackets and chef trousers. All of the products in this range are designed specifically for the cooking industry. Some of our chef wear features special Texpel coating, which helps to repel water based liquids. We also have a great range of hand and surface wipes. Our chef wear is ideal for industry and is tested and reliable.
  • Aerated Chef Jacket

  • Somerset Chef Jacket

  • Sussex Chef Jacket

  • Drawstring Chef Trousers

  • Chester Chef Trousers

  • 'Bromley' Chef Trousers

  • 'Harrow' Chef Trousers

  • Bargear Bar Bib Superwash Apron

  • Cross-Over Chefs Jacket

  • Suffolk Stud Jacket

  • Cornwall Teflon Jacket

  • Cardiff Chef Jacket