Flame Retardant Jackets

Flame Retardant Jackets

Discover our full range of flame retardant jackets, available on our website. Our flame retardant jackets are designed to delay the spread of flames and reduce fire damage. Some of our range of flame resistant jackets also feature other safety perks such as waterproof design or extreme weather protection. All of our flame retardant jackets are rigorously tested to ensure safety. Our flame retardant jackets conform to EU standards and are ideal for work environments where there is a potential fire hazard present.
  • Bizflame Hi-Vis Fleece

  • Sealtex Flame Hi-Vis Jacket

  • Hi-Vis Modaflame Work Jacket

  • Bizflame Rain Jacket

  • Bizflame Hi-Vis Bomber Jacket

  • Bizflame FR Rain Jacket

  • Bizflame Rain Hi-Vis Antistatic FR Bodywarmer